Friday 8 January 2016

Saint Sárán of Cuil-Creamha, January 8

The name of yet another of the many obscure Irish saints is found on the calendars at January 8, Sárán of Cuil-Creamha. There are a number of Irish saints who share this name but, despite having a locality associated with him, we know nothing of where and when today's Saint Sárán flourished . Canon O'Hanlon brings us the few details he can:

St. Saran, of Cuil-creamha.

Saran, of Cuil-cremha, is recorded in the Martyrology of Donegal on this day. Nor is his name omitted in the Martyrology of Tallagh, which has a similar entry, on the 8th of January. The time and place of this saint do not appear to have been determined.

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