Monday 31 December 2012

Every Saint- A Prayer for the End of the Year

This beautiful prayer to all the saints asking for their intercession and protection, forms the epilogue to the Martyrology of Gorman and provides a fitting close to the year: 


I. Let every saint who hath been, who shall be, in the greentopped mournful world, let all the dear and gracious host forgive me.

5. The noble, beloved army—little of their sea is this number—to protect me from battle, from bane, (and) from demons.

9. In their hosts, in their hundreds, let them ask for me pardon, repentance before death, and protection of me from every hardship.

13. May they guard me from the Devil, for he is always doing evil—the noble sages with knowledge, every saint who hath been, who shall be!

Every saint.

The End.

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