Tuesday 2 December 2014

Saint Máelodran, December 2

On December 2 the Irish calendars commemorate Saint Máelodran, whom they associate with a locality in County Westmeath. His name first appears in the Martyrology of Oengus:

G. iv. nonas Decembris.
...with a number of martyrs, Mael-odran great, magnified should be implored.

while the notes add:

Máelodran, i.e. Máel-odran of Tuaim indbir or Druim Indbir in the west of Meath.

The later Martyrology of Gorman adds in its notes that the saint is:

of Tuaim Inbir, in the west of Meath, and he is a confessor.

The Martyrology of Donegal repeats this information, but I have no further details about our saintly confessor.

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