Saturday 26 January 2013

Saint Calbh of Tulach Carpait, January 26

Some of the Irish calendars at January 26 commemorate St. Calb, or Calbh, of Tulach Carpait, now Tully-Corbet, County Monaghan. However, there are no other details given of this saint, apart from the locality in which he flourished. The entry in the Martyrology of Donegal reads:


CRUIMTHER CALBH, of Tulach Carpait, in Ui-Meith-Macha.
ERNIN, Bishop.

Canon O'Hanlon reports that in addition:

This saint is entered in the published Martyrology of Tallagh, at the 26th of January, under the designation of Bishop Calb, of Thilaigh Cairpat in Menna Tiri, in h. Meith. In the Franciscan copy of the Tallagh Martyrology, after the entry of thirteen foreign saints, the name of Bishop Calb first occurs, at this date. Likewise, under the head of Tulagh Carbuid, Duald Mac Firbis enters, Bishop Calbh, from Tulach-Carbaid, in Menna-tire, in Ui Meith, at January the 26th. This is all that seems to be known regarding him.

Nothing else is known either of the Bishop Ernin, recorded with the name of Saint Calbh in the Martrology of Donegal. His name also appears in the Martyrology of Tallagh for today, but with no other details.

The Feilire Oengusa does not record the name of any Irish saint for today, but does commemorate one of the great eastern martyrs of the church - Saint Polycarp. O'Hanlon quotes the translation of Professor O'Looney:—

e. uii. kl. They are a powerful torch
For the king to whom they came
The host who were killed after privation
With the passion of Polycarp.

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